Catch Up With Friends Over Steamboat

久しぶりに会うお友達と、IONのImperial Treasure Steamboat で火鍋を食べながらキャッチアップをしました。

I met 2 friends I hadn’t seen for a while to catch up over Steamboat in Imperial Treasure Steamboat in ION.  I hadn’t seen them probably for a few months.



The last time I was there (with the same friends plus one or two more friends) I made my own sauce but I liked the one the staff made for me much better so I asked them to make it for me again.  It was quite different from the last time but delicious again.



We chose “Healthy Chicken Soup”, which was very nice on its own as well as a base for a steamboat.



We ordered a lot of things but I have only one photo – these Enoki mushrooms looked a bit strange in a small glass.  Why in a glass??  And so little….I guess they are expensive.



We ordered lettuce, a mixture of green, frozen tofu, silken tofu, pork & vegetable dimplings, soy bean skin, cress, yam, yam & prawn in soy bean skin etc.  We all wanted to have mainly vegetables so we didn’t order any meat (other than what was in dumplings) but it was very satisfying and filled us up.  We also ordered Jasmine tea and the bill was something like S$43 per person, I think.


After lunch, we moved to another place and had tea/coffee until around 4.30pm.  It’s been a long time since we were able to spend this much time together because often one of them has to leave earlyish for some errand, which was lovely.  As far as we know, they won’t be leaving Singapore for quite a long time – it’s good to have some friends who would be here for many more years as so many friend have left.




Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant – Ion Orchard
 2 Orchard Turn
#04-09/10 Ion Orchard

6636 9339




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