Dinner at Pietrasanta

金曜日の昨日は、Pietrasanta に行ってみました。わたしはお友達と1度ディナーに行ったことがありますが、夫は初めて。ちょっと行きにくいところにあると思うのですが随分人気のようで、多くの人で賑わっていました。

Yesterday, we tried Pietrasanta (Italian).  I’ve been there once with a friend for dinner when my husband was away but it was his first time.  It seems very popular and was very busy.


We had what they call Focaccia but I think of plain pizza pieces first.  I think we had to order them last time but it was served with the starter last night.



For a starter, we shared Melanzane Alla Parmigiana.  It was quite a small piece but seemed very filling as it was covered with lots of tomato sauce and parmigiana cheese so I was glad I didn’t have to have it all to myself.



My husband had Ravioli filled with sausages.



I asked them if I can have spaghetti with simple tomato sauce with a little spice although it wasn’t on their menu, an Italian restaurant always has tomato sauce, and they kindly did.  The last time when I was there I had ravioli with tomato sauce, which was very nice and light, but the tomato sauce last night had quite a lot of cream in.  I wanted something light so it was a shame, I prefer without cream, but it did taste good.


夫は、メインに Lemon Sole をオーダー。(わたしは、パスタをメインにしました。)

My husband then had the main – Lemon Sole.





We shared a dessert of Semi-Fredo with salted caramel sauce.




We had a bottle of sparking water and a bottle of red wine and the bill was about S$250.  The restaurant is very casual, they have outdoor tables as well.  We thought the service wasn’t bad and their food was OK, too – not special but good.  We shouldn’t have ordered so many dishes with tomato sauce, though.  We’ll be happy to go back.



5B Portsdown Road
#01-03 Singapore 139311
Tel: +65 6479 9521



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