Although I love flowers, I tend to buy mostly orchids in Singapore because of the climate.  I can get better selections if I go all the way to special flower shops but they are quite far away and a pain to get to.  Besides, after all the trouble, many kinds of flowers last only a few days.


My Mum also loved flowers so I used to take flower arrangement lessons or buy some lovely flowers so both my Mum and I can enjoy them.  However, my Mum had very severe asthma attacks about a year ago so we had to give up having flowers at home.


The special service that is held on the 49th day after my Mum’s death was held on the last Saturday but the actual 49th day was Wednesday last week, which was the day I arrived in Japan.  We had a large bouquet for the service but I also bought a very small bouquet for the actual 49th day.  I don’t need to go somewhere special to find a type of bouquet I love in Japan, this one was one of the many small bouquets already made and were sold at a small flower shop in a department store but just the sort of bouquets I love.





Even though the temperature is actually higher here than in Singapore, this bouquet was beautiful for a whole week.  It’s been about 10 days now and a couple of flowers are gone but there is still a hydrangea and a couple of flowers in good shape.



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