I’m Home!


I got home this evening from Japan.  My husband met me at the airport, we got back together and just had Cheese Fondue for dinner.  It’s one of my husband’s favourite dinners and something he cannot have alone.  It’s something you take time so you can talk a lot while you enjoy your dinner.  Not very suitable in this hot climate, but as we never have cool enough weather here, we just have it when we want to.




In the last few days, it was particularly hot in Japan.  It was specially hot in the cemetery, where we had to stand in front of our family tomb while the priest chanted yesterday – I thought my skin would burn in a few seconds!  I cheated and used my black parasol to keep my face and some parts of my body under the shade but my legs felt they were on fire.   I’m glad that all the major services had been done following my Mum’s death.


The internet at home in Japan is a bit slow, and I didn’t feel like blogging much, but we had some nice meals in restaurants this time so I will blog about them in the next few days.




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