Chilli Con Carne in Japan


When I am in Japan I do sometimes cook meals for my brother, sister and her husband.  I started cooking for them when nobody had enough time to prepare proper meals when we all had to work hard to look after my Mum.  I was the only person who had time to do any cooking because of the way how the shifts worked.  I cooked things like beef stew and curry, but I think Chilli Con Carne is probably everyone’s favourite.  My sister’s husband specially seems to love it.

Coriander leaves are getting very popular among Japanese in recent years but I find many men disliking it.  My brother used to dislike it (and he also dislikes coconut cream so I haven’t cooked Thai dishes whilst here in Japan), but my sister’s husband loves it.




Both my sister and her husband seem to look forward to the day when I cook this.


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