Chilli In Soft Taco


Today’s dinner was Soft Tacos – something we tend to have when we have some left-over Chilli Con Carne.  We didn’t have any left-over so I made it fresh but decided to do soft tacos rather than having it with rice like usual.  My husband loves to have garlic bread as well and we end up eating too much.



Chilli Con Carne, lettuce, onion, tomato, guacamole, coriander leaves, taco sauce.  As I don’t use sour cream or cheese in mine, I tend to forget them.  We didn’t have sour cream but there was some cheese, so I added it for my husband after taking these photos.

From the last time I did this I steam the soft tortillas, it seems to become softer that way.  I couldn’t find the tortillas I usually buy today so bought a different maker’s, which wasn’t very nice, it seemed very floury.  The filling was as good as usual and we enjoyed it anyway.














My husband had 3 and I had 2.  Doesn’t sound much but we put so much stuff in that they fill us up quickly.


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