Light Lunch at Providore


I had a light lunch with a friend in Providore in Mandarin Gallery.  This was my first time since they had a renovation and I was going to take some photos of the new place after lunch, but I forgot completely as I came home in a hurry.


Both my friend and I were trying to decide between Club Sandwich and Organic Quinoa Salad, so we decided to order one each and share.  I think it was a good idea because the sandwich was quite large.






After lunch we had tea and continued chatting until a little before 3.30, when we saw outside looking dark and wind blowing.  We checked on the weather forecast app and saw a huge cloud was moving towards us, so we hurried to get a cab.  You can be stuck for ages in Orchard if it rains in late afternoon.


After all that, it hasn’t rained, the clouds seem to have moved avoiding this area.  It was a good idea to come home early anyway, though, as getting taxi around 4.00pm or later can get very hard in the area.  I find that if you leave around 3.30pm you can usually get a taxi without problem but after that it gets harder specially if it rains.




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