Dinner at Tsukune Ichigo


We had dinner at Tsukune Ichigo last night – it’d been almost 2 years since we were there last time.  We used to go there often but since the owner changed we haven’t been there many times.


We had Edamame, Ume Shiso, Tare, Ginko Nuts, Ebi Mayo, Chicken Namban, Warm vegetables with dip.  Ebi Mayo and Chicken Namban is quite heavy and they filled us up.  We also had a jug of draft beer.














I thought the chicken of tsukune smelled a little gamy and Edamame needed much more salt, but apart from that, the food wasn’t so much less good that it used to be, but the service was a lot less good.  We found the local female staff not very friendly and didn’t seem to understand their own menu.

This place used to be packed with Japanese men enjoying themselves after work on Friday nights, but it was very quiet yesterday.  Sometimes in the past it had been a bit too noisy for us to have a conversation and we’d wished it were a little quieter in those days, but it doesn’t feel right now when it’s so quiet.  I wonder why it doesn’t seem to be very popular these days…. It’s in our neighbourhood so we really would like them to do well.




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