Pea & Mint Soup and Chicken, Mango & Avocado Salad

今日の夕食は、グリーンピースとミントのスープ(Jamie Oliverのレシピ)と、チキンとマンゴーとアボカドのサラダ。

Today’s dinner was Pea & Mint Soup (Jamie Oliver’s recipe) and Chicken Breast, Mango & Avocado Salad.



The soup is what I froze last time when I made.  Peas and mint is of course the great combination.  Adding crispy Parma Ham or bacon would have made it even better, but today I kept it healthy.



The salad is one of a few salads that I make over and over – Chicken breast, mango & avocado.  When we started eating I thought something was missing and remembered I forgot almond so I added some.  However, I felt there was still something missing – it was mint and coriander leaves, adding herbs makes it some fresh flavour and completes the salad.




As this salad is something I made up I don’t have a recipe and I never felt I needed to read a recipe but I often forget nuts or herb, I should write it down and check when I make this salad because I feel nuts and herbs are what makes this a little special.




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