Buddha Bowl On A Plate


My husband has gone away on business again.  He used to be away probably at least half of a month before we married until around the time when we came to Singapore (for about 20 years) so he is here much more than he used to, but I sort of got used to having him around in the evenings.  Many friends left in the last few years so I don’t go out as often either so I guess that’s another reason I seem to miss him more.  Or maybe just because I like having him around anyway,whatever the situation I miss him when he is away.


So, I’m having the evening meal alone and made Buddha Bowl again (though not a bowl but a plate today).  There were things left in the fridge like a half of a tofu, some sweet corns, broccoli…  Since I married I don’t have rice as much, specially since I left Japan because it’s not easy to get good pickles and things that go with rice but I’ve always been one of those people who are happy as long as I have rice, so Buddha bowl suits me.  It’s not that you need rice for Buddha bowl but I feel for this particular recipe you do need rice, somehow quinoa doesn’t seem to work.  The sauce keeps a long time, which is great. Today, I added some coriander leaves, which made it even better.  The sauce tastes sort of Chinese or at least Asian so coriander leaves go very well.

The recipe I referred to (though didn’t follow exactly) is here.




When you put this in a bowl, I find you end up mixing lots of ingredients together and have one taste, but when you use a plate you can eat each section separately and can enjoy different taste and texture all the time, so I prefer this way.






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