Lebanese Dinner With A Friend

昨日はアメリカ人のお友達と久しぶりにお目にかかり、夕食をご一緒しました。お友達は一度行かれたことがあるという Urban Bites というレバノン料理のレストラン、わたしは初めてでした。前菜にローストした赤パプリカやくるみやざくろのシロップのディップ(Muhammara)とファラフェルサラダをシェアーし、お友達はラムのケバブ、わたしはチキンのケバブをオーダー。

I had dinner with an American friend at Urban Bites (Lebanese), it had been months since I’d met her last.  She’d been to this restaurant once before but it was my first time.  We shared Muhammara (roasted red pepper, walnut and pomegranate molasses dip) and Falafel Salad to start with then my friend had lamb kebab and I had chicken kebab.


I have learned the recipe for Muhammara in Coriander Leaf many years ago and have made it a few times but theirs was quite different. I didn’t taste roasted sweet pepper or pomegranate molasses very much so I guess they use a lot of walnuts.  Personally I like the recipe I have better – sweeter and tart at the same time.  Their dip probably needed more seasoning.



Falafel was good but I thought the balance between falafel and the salad was not great, I would have preferred to have more falafel and less salad.  Again there wasn’t enough seasoning so I added some salt, which made it much better.



My friend likes their lamb kebab because it has a lot of spices.



The chicken kebab was tender and OK but it was a bit bland, I would have liked it with some spices.




There was a lot to catch up as we hadn’t met for a long time.  My friend’s trip to India, my operation, her future holidays etc etc.  She is always very busy but hope I can see her before she leaves for her Christmas holiday.



Urban Bites
61 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068615

Tel: 6327 9460





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