Lunch at Pizzeria Mozza


I haven’t finished report of our Hong Kong trip….hopefully I can finish it soon.

今日は、お友達と久しぶりにマリーナベイサンズの Pizzeria Mozza でランチをご一緒しました。三途に着いてからも中を結構歩くのでかなり早めに45分前にタクシーを呼んで40分前に出たのですが途中で大渋滞。チャイナタウンの辺りでほとんど動かなくなりました。最初は「いつもこんなに渋滞してますか?」とお聞きしたら運転手さんは「そうですね」とおっしゃっていましたが、動かなくなってからはさすがに「これは、きっと事故ですね。」ということになり、迂回、結局30分くらい遅れてしまいました。お1人とは一緒だったのですがもうお1人は先に行っておられたので、ずいぶんお待たせしてしまいました。先にオーダーしていただいたので、ちょうどレストランに着いた頃に最初の2品が出ていました。

I had lunch with a couple of friends at Pizzeria Mozza in Marina Bay Sands, a place I haven’t been for quite a while.  We left about 40 minutes before the reservation but the traffic was very heavy, then it almost stopped moving around China Town.  In the beginning, when I asked if it was normal to have such heavy traffic the driver said it was (but I think it was quite a lot heavier than usual even then), but then when it stopped moving he did say there must’ve been some accident.  He took a different route and eventually we got to Marina Bay Sands – it took about an hour instead of usual 15 minutes.  I was with one of the friends in the taxi but the other friend was waiting for us at the restaurant and she ordered starters while we were still in the taxi.  When we got to the table, 2 dishes had just arrived.





I think this is a new one on the menu, it seemed more like Middle-Eastern than Italian.  Aubergine with chick peas, hummus, zatar, etc.



Deep-fried cauliflower.  I like their texture when they are deep fried but these weren’t what I expected.  The batter was very crispy but at the same time very oily and the texture of cauliflower was not what I like.



All of us now have problems with our eyesight and were not wearing reading glasses while we were eating.  When this one arrived we assumed it was the asparagus salad we had ordered and the green things were very thinly sliced asparagus – well, as you can see they were green onions.  The staff had given us the wrong dish.



This is what we actually ordered – asparagus salad.  The asparagus was nice and crispy, the almond nuts were also crunchy, it was very nice.



Then we ordered Pizza Margherita.




Although I like this restaurant, I tend to avoid Marina Bay Sands because it’s a bit far from us and also we can have problems with getting a taxi depending on the timing, but I think it’s one of the few restaurants I’ve found where the food is always good.



Pizzeria Mozza
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore, 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8522




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  1. connie.n.w. says:

    everything looks so delicious. your photography is so crisp and sharp!

  2. spiceynoodle says:

    Sorry I didn’t see this comment until just now! Thank you so much for your compliment!

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