Hong Kong (Day 3 Dim Sum at MOTT 32)


My lunch appointment got cancelled today, so I’m staying home relaxing…  Our trip to Hong Kong was ony for 3 nights but I still haven’t finished my report.  I’ve been busy with making cards – I send some of my cards to a charity event my friend organises in Hong Kong so I had to work on them.  Anyway, here is some more about Hong Kong.

香港での3日目のランチは、MOTT 32 での飲茶。ブログなどで内装がとても素敵だったので行ってみました。わたしたちは2人だったので真ん中の広い場所で内装もそれほど素敵と思わなかったのですが、他にいくつか小さめのお部屋がありそちらはとても素敵でした。多分4人グループや大人数のグループでなくては、小さめのお部屋には座れないのだと思います。

On the 3rd day in Hong Kong, we had dim sum in MOTT 32 for lunch.  I saw photos of the place in some blogs and I loved the decor so I wanted to try it.  We were just two of us so our table was in the large central part, which isn’t that special.  They did have some smaller rooms, where decor looked very nice.  I think you need to be in a group of 4 or larger to have a table in one of them.



Prawn dumplings – so fresh, the skin is great and it was delicious.  You cannot get these good ones in Singapore.



Rice flour sheet with BBQ pork.  Sadly the pork was too gamely for me.



BBQ p0rk buns – the type that has been very popular, the bao is more like bread with sweet cookie like topping.



They didn’t have normal  Xiaolongbao so we had sweet and sour Xiaolongbao.  I didn’t like the skin so much – it was a little sticky – but tasted very good.



They put each one on this cute little thing so you don’t break the skin and let the juice run when taking them to your plate.



Beef balls.



Japanese sweet potato.



Rice flour rolls were a little disappointing but the rest was all good.  To me there are better places for dim sum but the atmosphere and the decor here is very special.  If we lived in Hong Kong we would probably go there now and again.

Mott 32

Standard Chartered Bank Building
4-4A Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2885 8688

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