Flower Arrangement

滅多に行かない Far East Flora まで行ったので(多分、前回行ったのは去年クリスマスツリーをオーダーしたとき 笑)、ついでにお花も買って来ました、ツリーをオーダーするとき恒例です。

As we went all the way to Far East Flora to order our Christmas tree, we also bought some flowers.  We always do this when we order a Christmas tree.  In fact, I think the last time I was there was this time last year when we ordered our tree.


I used to go to the Flower Market much more often in Hong Kong.  They have beautiful flowers at low cost and they used to last long a well.  In Singapore, you sort of have to go to here if you want anything other than orchids or chrysanthemums but you have to choose your flowers in a fridge-like very cold place, then have to come out to this very hot weather, and then getting a cab home is difficult there.  I don’t see specially unusual flowers there and the flowers are still quite expensive even in Far East Flora.  Sometimes they last only a day or two because they are not necessarily fresh and the hot weather makes them go rotten very quickly.  I still used to go there occasionally in the beginning but in a few years I gave up and have been buying just orchids – boring but at least they last longer than a few days.


I bought hydrangea and calla lilies.   Conventional I know, but I like this combination.   I cannot spend much time in that fridge-like place so I tend to choose conventional ones and get out quickly.







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