Home Made Pizza!


Yesterday morning I asked my husband if he can come up with any idea for dinner and he said “I want to say Pizza but you cannot make it today, can you?”  I use a recipe that you raise the dough in the fridge overnight so I couldn’t, but I told him I would make the dough last night and can make Pizza today.  We use a Japanese portable pizza oven that I brought back from Japan.










The toppings are almost always the same or very similar.  My favourite pizza is Margherita but I feel it’s a little boring for my husband so I add some salami.  We make 2 pizza so I make 1.5 of Margherita plus salami and make a half of sweet pizza (today it was pear, Stilton and walnut).  I love fig and Stilton like the pie we had at the cheese class but it’s not easy to find good fresh figs here.





After baking I put basil on the savoury  side and honey and walnut on the sweet side.  I did take a photo with them but it was completely blurred…




Both of them were very good and we enjoyed them very much!






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  1. emariemon says:

    That looks delicious!

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you!

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