Spaghetti alla Norma

今日の夕食は、ノルマ風スパゲティー。。Jamie Oliver の Spaghetti alla Norma というシチリアの茄子が入ったトマトソース系パスタ。本場のものはチーズは塩リコッタですし唐辛子も入っていないと思いますが、このレシピは唐辛子も入ってピリッとしています。レシピの通りだとわたしたちには辛すぎるので、少し唐辛子は減らしました。

Today’s dinner was Spaghetti alla Norma from Jamie Oliver’s recipe.  I think in Sicily they use Ricotta cheese rather than Pecorino and I don’t think they use chilli flakes, but this recipe has some chilli flakes in.  I used less than the recipe because when we followed the recipe it was too spicy for us.


Yesterday I was replying to my friend’s email and we were talking about recipes you use aubergines.  As I wrote that I liked this particular recipe, I felt like having it so decided to cook it tonight.


By the way, how much pasta (when it’s spaghetti) do you eat for a meal?  I think it’s supposed to be about 100g per person although of course it depends on the sauce and I used to follow that, but these days 100g is much too much for us.  I think we usually eat about 80g.







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