Lunch Alone (Din Tai Fong)


I love staying home, there are plenty of things I can entertain myself with at home, so I don’t go out just for the sake of going out.  I also don’t like going to a restaurant alone so much so it’s seldom I would have a meal in a restaurant on my own.  However, now and again, I would in a casual place.  I went to the hairdresser this morning and decided to go to one of the Din Tai Fong’s outlets for a quick lunch afterwards .  These sort of restaurants are comfortable to go in alone and I suddenly felt like having their vegetable appetiser.


A friend of mine introduced me to this vegetable appetiser.  It’s nice and crunchy, light and delicious.  One portion isn’t very large so I could probably eat 2 plates!



I ordered one more dish – spicy noodles.  I tried this for the first time also when I was with the friend I mentioned.  I think it’s slightly sour but mostly sweet and spicy.  I have a feeling it was specially spicy today with Szechuan peppers but I enjoyed it very much.  The only problem is that it’s very garlicky – not that I don’t like it but others probably don’t like me having had so much….



I did think about doing a little shopping after this as I was already in Orchard but only for a second.  I quickly decided to come home without doing any.

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