Christmas Wreath 2016


I was getting a little worried about my lower back as it was still quite painful depending on how I move at the end of yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I could feel it was much better and isn’t painful any longer.  I was going to take a lesson to make a wreath so if I had a lot of pain on my back I was worried I may not be able to make it.  So glad I was OK.


I took a lesson to make a wreath around the same time last year from the same teacher and was writing about my back pain, which is funny.  Well, not funny really I suppose, but sort of.  Hope I won’t make a habit of this.



So, I took a lesson for a Christmas Wreath today.

In Hong Kong also I was taking flower arrangement lessons in my earlier years until the teacher left Hong Kong.  I loved her style.  She taught me how to make a wreath with a base and a wire and that’s how I have been making a wreath since then every Christmas (probably for 12 or 13 years).  In Hong Kong you can get some beautiful flowers easily so I would often use flowers for a wreath for a table like this one.


The wreath I learned last year and this year is the type you don’t use wire, you just push branches in the space where you find on the base.  Last year, we used a wired base, which the teacher told us the hardest way.  This year we used a base made with twigs (?) so easier than last year but I still found it quite hard to work with.  When the teacher does it looks very easy and she says it is but when I do the branches don’t seem to go in the direction I want them to or cannot find enough gap to push them in…


Any way, the end result is beautiful, if I may say so myself.  I love chic style rather than “cute” in general and I really love this one.  The dangling fruits (vegetable??) is apparently called “Neoachmandra japonica” – such a clever decoration and adds just the right amount of “cuteness”!  I want the air plant face inside of the wreath so I’ll try and secure it that way tomorrow.




















I also took a couple of photos when my husband held it for me.








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