Dinner at Terra


Since they received one Michelin Star, it become very hard to get a reservation, so I made a reservation for last night after we had dinner the last time.  Having said that, I just checked how easy it was to make a reservation and it doesn’t seem hard now, maybe many people are going away so it’s easier.

ということで、昨日のディナーは Terra に行きました。いつものように、3つあるおまかせコースのうち真ん中のコースをお願いしました。

So, we had dinner at Terra last night.  We chose the middle course from 3 “omakase” courses.


The 1st dish for me was Coppa, ricotta cheese, mushroom and black truffle.  Most of their ingredients are from Hokkaido but the black truffle is from Umbria.  Naturally I enjoyed it very much.



My husband’s first dish was seafood bruschetta.  Shirauo (whitebait), Amaebi (sweet prawns) and Uni (sea urchin).  I wish I could take photos standing up so they look nicer but I feel too awkward to do so in a restaurant.

My husband was enjoying each of them so much, saying “Ummmm, so good!” for the whole time.  I know he has had all of these (shirauo, amaebi and uni) in Japanese inns quite a few times,including when we travelled in Hokkaido, but he never seemed to have enjoyed them as much as last night.  I don’t know if it was because he has developed the taste for them or they were particularly delicious.



The 2nd dish was something like soup with vegetables.  The staff told us it was Ribollita but to be Ribollita it should be thick with beans and lots of chopped up vegetables so this one was too different.  I would say it was more like French Pot Au Feu.  It was delicious, though, specially the soup, which was sweet from the vegetables and full of flavour.


Then my husband said, “You used to make Pot Au Feu often but you haven’t made them for years.”  I told him it was because Singapore doesn’t make you crave for that sort of dish but I will make it soon as he seemed to be missing it.



The 3rd dish was pasta.  My husband had spaghetti arrabiata with calamari on top.



Mine was Canellonni.  The filling was slow-cooked Japanese beef.  It was crispy on top and very tasty – although quite heavy and filled me up.


My husband said he wanted mine instead.  He also enjoyed his but when there is a choice he would always choose short pasta or filled pasta rather than long pasta, whereas I always choose long pasta with light sauce.  If his didn’t have calamari we could have swapped.  The chef told us later that we can give them some request in advance, so perhaps I should let them know our preferences.  It’s sometimes nice to try something else from what you would normally order, though.




The 4th dish.  Mine was pasta filled with kabocha.  It was good except the strips of guanciale, which was much too gamy for me so I had to ask my husband to have them.



My husband’s 4th dish was white fish from Hokkaido, which he seemed to have enjoyed very much.



Then the main.  It looks like beef but it’s actually pork.  They told us the name of the part but I cannot remember.  Apparently you get only 200g out of 1 pig.  Somehow, our attention went to the vegetable they served this pork with.  It tasted similar to some sort of potato like sweet potato kind, extremely sweet and a little sticky, but I couldn’t figure out what vegetable.  My husband was sure it was sweet potato but I didn’t think so unless there is new variety sweet potato that I didn’t know.



It turned out to be “chervil root”.  They served it puréed last time with something, I remembered, but I assumed it was celeriac because the staff used a word that means that in Japanese.  It was something completely different.  It does look a little bit like a Japanese yam or something but it’s these.  It was so sweet and delicious.



The dessert was Mascarpone cream and Mascarpone icecream with some coffee flavoured jello.  I have a feeling they don’t pay a lot of effort in their dessert…  I don’t normally need lots of dessert but even I feel I want something more like a proper one.




With 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of red wine (one of the least expensive ons from their menu), it was a little more than S$550.  I must say it always surprises us how expensive it is to eat here but I guess to get this level of cooking in Singapore it is the going rate.



Like I wrote earlier, the chef came to the table to greet us after dessert and told us to give them a request for a certain dish if we have something we liked before.  He also said it’s good practice for him to think of something different every time.  I guess not many people go there more than once a season (I know there is no season in Singapore but they use seasonal ingredients according to the season in Japan).  Me not eating fish or seafood of course makes it more challenging for him.

We enjoyed all the meal, the staff is very friendly and professional and we had a lovely evening.





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