The Day Before A Half Marathon

明日、夫は Standard Chartered Marathon でハーフマラソンを走ります。何ヶ月か前まで足の故障でしばらく走れない時期もあったので久しぶりのハーフマラソン。昨年までもっと遅いスタートでしたが、今年は4時半スタートなのでもうとっくに夫は寝ています。

Tomorrow morning, my husband will run a half marathon at Standard Chartered Marathon.  He had some problem with his leg/feet sometime ago and couldn’t run for a little while, so this is his first half marathon in quite a while I think.  Until last year, they started much later but this year they start very early – 4.30am – so he is already asleep.


As it’s the day before, he cooked pasta (for carb loading).  Pasta with meat balls – one of the recipes he’s been cooking more than 20 years.








It was very nice as usual.


He seemed to be struggling a little for a while since he started running again some months ago, but he’s been doing good in the last few weeks.  Hope he can run like he has been recently and has a good result.






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