Half Marathon

今朝早く、夫は Standard Chartered Marathon でハーフマラソンを走りました。去年、一昨年と参加していますが、始まる時間が陽が昇ってからで暑いのとコースも酷いコースで(駐車場の中を長く走るそうですごく蒸し暑く不快だったそう)今年は走らないと言っていたのですが、不満が寄せられていたのか今年から時間が早くなりコースも変わったので参加することにしたそうです。去年は一昨年より早く、今年は去年よりも早いタイムでゴールしました。

My husband ran a half marathon at “Standard Chartered Marathon” this morning .  He ran this event last year and the year before but he wasn’t going to run this year because they start after the sun is up so it was very hot and also the course was awful (apparently they run in a car park, where it’s very steamy and hot and unpleasant), but I guess many people complained and they changed the time to start much earlier and changed the course as well, so he decided to do it this year.  His time was better last year than the year before, and better this year than the last year!


When he was young apparently he used to run, even the slopy roads in Kobe, but he hadn’t run since we married until we moved to Singapore.  He started running again 7 years ago, soon after we moved to Singapore.  At first he said he was out of breath in only a few minutes of running but slowly he got better and better.  There were a few times when he wasn’t able to run because of some problem with his leg or feet, but whenever he was able to he’s been consistently running 4 times a week or so – in this horrible hot Singapore!  Every year he gets a year older, but his pace is getting faster, which is awesome.  I don’t want him to do too much at his age but I hope he can enjoy running for many more years.



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