Christmas Tree 2016


The tree was delivered yesterday as scheduled, so we played Christmas music and decorated it together this afternoon as we always do.  My husband ran a half marathon this morning so he was very tired before we started this and exhausted by the time we finished.  It took us 2 hours!


I chose Silver & White for the decoration this year.  Nice and chic.


The tree is leaning towards one side a lot more than we thought it was when we saw it in the shop and it’s been cropped so much, we prefer fuller tree.  Still, we like the decoration.  We don’t like the lights flashing on and off so we keep them on.  My husband turns them on first thing in the morning every day and we keep them on until we go to bed.






I think in the US they use a star on top of a tree (and I think they do in Japan) but we use an angel like most English people do.





We decorate the tree with these lovely candles after putting on all the other decorations.  In the first 2 or 3 years we did actually light them sometimes but we found the branches get burnt and also we cannot buy these candles outside Europe so we have been just using them for decorations since.






My husband was so tired, he is having a nap now…



I have to decorate the rest of the room, too, but I’ll do that tomorrow and in the following few days…




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