Brunch at P.S.Cafe in Dempsey


We went to P.S.Cafe for brunch today.  We didn’t have to wait long, just for a few minutes.  The service was quite slow, though, as it was very full.


I almost always have their Club Sandwich but occasionally I would order something different.  Today, I tried their Gado Gado.  My husband had a burger.




My Gado Gado was mostly raw cabbage.  In Indonesia, cabbages are cooked, I think.  I cannot complain as it was written as “P.S.Gado Gado” – anything goes I guess.  It was quite tiring to eat a mountain of raw cabbage…. At least it was healthy.


I was thinking I should have ordered my usual sandwich….  I’m sure I will next time when I am there.


Of course, they had a huge Christmas tree – decorated with owls this year.  Owls….  I love them to watch on Youtube but not so much right next to me when they look so realistic.  The feathers looked very real and I felt we may get some owl droppings….




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