Dinner / Day 1 in Khao Lak

カオラックのレストランを検索してみましたが、あまり情報がなく、3つだけピックアップしました。お友達は検索する時間がなかったとのことなので、昨日は3つのうちの1つ「Sun Star Siam」というレストランに行ってみました。ホテルからトゥクトゥクで行きましたがとても近かったので帰りは歩きました(5分ほどでした)。

Although I spent a lot of time searching for good restaurants in Khao Lak, I didn’t manage to get a lot of information.  I wrote down just 3 restaurants to try and we tried one of them yesterday for dinner as our friends had no time to search themselves for a suggestion.  The restaurant we tried is “Sun Star Siam” and it was very close to our hotel.  We took a tuk tuk to get there but waked back as it turned out to be only about 5 minutes walk.


Our friends’ daughter was 7 or 8 when we first met her but is now 15 years old, looking grown up and speaks English much better than last year.  She is more willing to try Thai food but she still cannot eat spicy food so she had chicken satay and spring rolls last night.


We had Glass noodle salad, Chicken stir fried with basil, Mince pork salad, Green chicken curry as well as chicken satay and spring rolls.  Mince pork salad was specially nice so we ordered another plate.  Green curry tasted good but it was too thin because they don’t seem to use coconut milk.  My husband and I had Banana fritter & ice cream and our friends’ daughter had Banana Split.  I guess we had about 4 bottles of beer, 1 small bottle of sparking water and the bill was 1800 baht, which S$72.














I thought all tasted quite good but none was very spicy.  I guess they tame it down.  We should have asked them to give us some chillis on the side, I always forget to.



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