Hotel in Khao Lak



We are on a short break in a place called Khao Lak in Thailand.  It’s about an hour from Phuket, a quiet beach resort.

In the past 5 years, we have been meeting our good friends from Italy while they are in Asia for their winter holiday.  We join them just for a long weekend or a short Christmas break when it works for us.  This year we are here in Khao Lak for a few days.  This is not an area with high class hotels and the hotel we are staying is, I guess, somewhere in the middle of the range or a little higher than middle.








The room is not luxurious but spacious enough, nicely done and these day beds make it very comfortable.





You can get in the pool directly from your deck.  This is not our pool only but most people seem to go to the beach so we hardly see anyone else.







Every time we come to Thailand, we feel that in terms of service Bali is much better.  This is not a cheap hotel so in Bali we would expect much better service at this level.  The staff are friendly enough but not as much as in Bali.  In Bali we would get service like cold towel, cold water, staff walking around taking drink orders or serving complimentary snacks  – none of that exists here.  We knew this because we’d been to Thai resorts before, and we are really here to meet our friends, but it seems a shame that they never seem to learn how to give good service.  One advantage of Thailand is the food is better in general – but we aren’t impressed so far with food in this particular hotel.  Not a lot of Thai food on their menu – and what I had wasn’t that great.  I’m happy to say, though, that it’s much nicer than the hotel we stayed in Sri Lanka this time last year – not that it’s difficult….

Still, as I say, we are here to spend time with our friends, so we’ll enjoy having dinner with them each day and relaxing during the day for the next few days.




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