Holiday Planning & Headache…


We finally decided to go to Scotland for our main holiday this year a little while ago – we’ll go there in June, and my sister, brother and I are talking about having a short trip to Taiwan.  My husband and I are also thinking about having a short trip in Japan to a hot-spring as well.  So, with all these trips coming up, I’ve been spending hours a day for the last few weeks trying to find “the perfect” places to stay.  Well, I know there is no such a thing but as close to perfect as possible, that is, at least on the internet…  finally booked a couple of places in Scotland but there’s still lots to do.  People say we plan so far ahead but obviously there are many people who start planning earlier than us as I found lots of places are getting booked up for all these trips and I’m getting quite anxious!

Anyway, as I’ve been spending so many hours on the computer (I always do but I don’t usually have to concentrate so much if I’m just watching some videos) and sleeping less, the inevitable happened  – had a terrible headache this morning when I woke up.  I had to take some painkillers and try to sleep it off.  It eventually went but it was about 3.00pm by the time I could get up.


Since we left for Thailand on the 23rd, I’ve hardly cooked anything so I was planning to cook something healthy today, but I just didn’t have time or energy after such a headache to think or cook properly so ended up cooking Chilli Con Carne. My husband loves it and it’s easy.



Tomorrow, the flower shop people will come and take our Christmas tree away, so it is looking bare now.  When we take all the Christmas decorations down, the living/dining room looks sort of tidy but a bit bare…

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