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今日は夫もわたしもお料理する気にならず、わたしたちには珍しく2日続けて外食。タングリンモールの Yantra (インド料理)に行ってみました。お昼のビュッフェは何度か行っていますが、夜は随分前に2度ほど行ってあまり気に入らず行かなくなっていました。しばらく行かないうちにメニューが随分変わっていたように思います。インド料理というよりもフージョンっぽものが多かったですし、あまりチョイスもありませんでした。

Neither my husband nor I felt like cooking dinner today so we went out for dinner two days in a row, which is very unusual for us.  We decided to go to Yantra in Tanglin Mall.  I’ve been there for a lunch buffet a few times and always thought it was a great value but when we tried it at dinner time a couple of times we weren’t very impressed.  Their menu tonight seemed very different from what we remembered – fewer choices and there were more fusion type of dishes than traditional Indian.


Complimentary papadom & chutney.



We tried a quinoa salad.  The dressing was sweet, sour and spicy and both of us liked it very much, we could have had it all over again.



Green Chicken Tikka.  We thought it tasted very good at first but it had lots of strong spices and quite a lot of seasoning so just one piece each seemed enough.



Grilled cauliflower and broccoli.  Strongly smokey and quite sour from the marinade (sauce?).  Broccoli was soft but cauliflower was still very crunchy.  Again very strongly seasoned.  I thought there was too much turmeric, which was very floury.  Not the type of taste I like.



I think it said something like “home style chicken curry”.  I quite liked it because it was light but my husband prefers more creamy and rich type of curry.



Onion Kulcha.



We also had some plain steamed rice and a bottle of sparkling water and it was S$180.  It seems quite expensive for what it is, although I guess we ordered too much, we left quite a lot of curry and some broccoli & cauliflower.  I still think it was too expensive without any alcohol.


This is probably the 3rd or 4th time we tried this place for dinner in the last 7 years but we haven’t been impressed once.  Today, they were also very slow and we waited about 40 minutes before the 1st dish arrived and it wasn’t even busy.  We both loved the quinoa salad but not the rest so much.  It’s our conclusion that we should go to this restaurant for lunch buffet only, not for dinner.


Well, my husband’s company’s  Christmas holiday is until today.  From tomorrow, things are back to normal.

163 Tanglin Rd
#01-28/33 Tanglin Mall
Tanglin Mall, 247933

Tel: 6836 3088

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