Pasta Peperonata


Like holidays and when I go back to Japan, in the beginning time seems to go slowly in the beginning of the year.  Then it gets faster and faster and the 2nd half goes so fast.  Strange how the same time feels so differently depending where you are, what you are doing, how you are feeling.

今日の夕食は、Jamie Oliver のパスタのペペロンナータソース。なんだかこのところJamie Oliverのレシピばかりを使っているような気がします。嫌いではないもののそこまでファンということでもないのですが、思いつくレシピやネット検索しやすいからだと思います。

Today’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s Pasta Peperonata.  We seem to be using his recipes very often in the last few years.  Although I like him, it’s not as if we are big fans.  I guess it’s because his recipes are easily found and somehow the more you use it the more often you think of it.


My husband asked me to cook together so I helped him with some chopping and measuring but he cooked it mostly.  The peppers and onion that are cooked very slowly end up tasting so sweet.  A lot of it is on the bottom of the pasta so you cannot see much of it but there is 1 while pepper so there is plenty of it.  Although it takes a long time to cook the vegetables, you don’t need a lot of ingredients and the preparation isn’t very time consuming and the end result is always good.










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