Flower Lesson – Bouquet (Champetre)


I took a flower arrangement lesson this morning.  I made a large bouquet in a style called Champetre, which is apparently natural French country style.  Champetre has lots of foliage so you cannot see the flowers so much, but in there are dark wine red callar lilies, white sweet peas and magnolia.  The magnolias are not open yet so once they open I imagine the bouquet will look more full and beautiful.  It was so large that I needed to use the table for the last few stems.



I find it very hard to take nice photos when the bouquet is so large and tall with my usual camera with my usual lense (50mm).  Using the iPhone is easier.  The 1st photo is taken with my iPhone at the class when the teacher was preparing the bouquet to take photos.


I expect the stems of the callar lilies will go off in a few days, then I’ll have to re-make the bouquet.





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