Dinner at Saveur


My husband had a video conference in the evening (in his office) so he wasn’t able to have dinner with me.  He used to come home, have dinner, then go back to the office if he had a late meeting like this, but his new office is too far for that.  So, I made an arrangement to have dinner with a friend and we went to “Saveur” in Far East Plaza.  I’ve heard a lot about the place but this was my first time to go there.


We shared Foie Gras & Lentils for a starter.  Then my friend had Duck Salad because she’d been at some gathering earlier in the day, where she said they she had a big lunch and a snack.  The restaurant menu was very small so I couldn’t find anything I could eat other than steak, so that’s what I had.

Although we told the staff we wanted to share the foie gras to start somehow the duck salad came first, then the foie gras, then after a long time, and asking them about it, the steak finally came.


フォアグラとレンティル。お友達はお腹が空いてないのでほんの少しとおっしゃるので、1/3を切って別のお皿に乗せてから写真を撮っていないことに気づきました。なので、これは 2/3。普通に美味しかったです。

Foie Gras & lentils was good.



Steak was seasoned just right but unfortunately it tasted a little like liver, which I don’t like. Potato was good so I had a little but of steak and finished the potatoes.




The restaurant was packed, it must be very popular.  It was quite noisy so we had to sort of shout to each other to be able to be heard.  We also ordered a plate of bread and tea/coffee after the meal.  My friend had only a salad so we didn’t halve the bill but I think the total bill was a little more than 70.

They told us they had run out of bottled water so we asked for just tap water.  What shocked me was that they then charged us 30 cents per glass of tap water!  I don’t think this ever happened to me before….

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
#01-07B Far East Plaza
Far East Plaza, 228213

Tel: 6736 1121

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