Buddha Bowl (on a plate)


Today’s dinner was Buddha bowl (but I use a plate rather than a bowl because it looks nicer and is easier to eat), I haven’t made it for a little while.  It’s actually a bit like the bibimba that I had for lunch but I’d already decided the menu by that time.


Today, I used tofu, carrot, cucumber, avocado (it was a very nice one, I hadn’t had a good avocado for a while, somehow they’ve been watery even when they are ripe), green beans & broccoli that I steam-stir-fried, rocket, green onion and coriander leaf.  The rice is Japanese white rice cooked with “16-grain-rice”.  The sauce is the one I used when I first tried and have been using every time so far as I like it very much – it’s sort of Chinesy with some kick to it.  I think good kimchee will make it even better but I tried one the last time and hated it, so I’d given up.  Both my husband and I enjoyed it very much.  I think it’s important to think of different textures as well as different taste, different colours and different nutrition when you decide what to use.  Something crunchy (cucumber and carrot), something soft (tofu), something creamy (avocado)  in this case.



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