Happy Chinese New Year!  It was  the first day of the Chinese New Year holidays today.

お昼は、マンダリンギャラリーに行ってみることに。というのも2人とも夕食を作る気になれないので今日は冷凍していたチリコンカーニ、明日は Providore のデリでチーズやパテを買ってお家ピクニックの予定なので、お昼を食べてデリで買い物をすることに。タクシーが捕まるかどうか心配でしたが、どうにか。

We decided to go to Mandarin Gallery today and have lunch there.  We are both feeling lazy so we thought we’ll have Chilli Con Carne I froze sometime ago for dinner today and buy some bits and pieces in the deli of the Providore and have a “picnic” at home tomorrow.  As we have to go there anyway, we thought we’ll have lunch there.

ということで、ランチはProvidore で。夫はスパイシーエッグ(?)、美味しかったようでした。わたしはクラブサンド。サンドイッチは多すぎて食べきれず。

My husband had “Spicy Eggs” (?  I cannot remember what it’s called) and I had Club Sandwich.



Providore がオープンしていることは事前に確認していましたが、他のマンダリンギャラリーのお店はほとんど閉まっていたので(Lawry’s はオープンしていました) Providore も満席に近い状態でした。

I had checked that the Providore in Mandarin Gallery was open before we went but most of the other shops and restaurants there were closed, so the Providore was almost full.  We were lucky that we didn’t have to queue.


After we got back from lunch, we were doing some internet and I started feeling extremely sleepy.  Just as I was thinking I may have to take a nap, my husband said he was going to take a nap – so we both did.  After a couple of hours or so, we got up, then soon after that I started to prepare the dinner.  While I was making a salad, I started feeling that the headache I’d had for a little while got worse and I started to feel sick.  I managed to prepare the dinner but I felt too sick to eat it, so after trying a few mouthfuls I ended up lying down on the sofa.  It’s been a while since I had migraine but it seems like I had one today.



Fortunately, I guess the painkillers I took earlier started to work soon and after about an hour, I felt a lot better and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening watching some drama with my husband.  Phew.

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