Pasta with Roast Tomato & Pepper


Today’s dinner was an easy pasta.  I cut petite tomatoes in half, sprinkled some sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil and roasted in the oven with some left-over peppers (with salt, pepper & olive oil) and some cloves of garlic.  I sauteed garlic and onion while I was cooking pasta, added the roasted vegetables and red chilli flakes, then added a splash of red wine vinegar and also some chopped olives that were again left in a corner of the fridge.  Then I added the pasta and a little of the cooking water of the pasta.  Some basil and it was done.  I meant to add some pine nuts but totally forgot, it would have added another dimension.


I couldn’t find any basil in a supermarket so I had to use what was left from a mix herb pack we bought a week ago or so.  Every year, I forget that we should buy things like herbs before Chinese New Year because even though the supermarkets may be open during and soon after CNY they don’t have much produce in stock.







It was still quite good with very sweet tomato and pepper.








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