Soba Noodles


It’s gone even colder today.  It didn’t feel so cold outside until yesterday but today it did feel quite cold, specially my legs.  However, there wasn’t much breeze so it wasn’t too bad.


I’m eating delicious things every day.  For the last 2 years when I came back I was mainly looking after my Mum so I lost some weight every time when I came back but this time I’ll have to be careful or I’ll gain weight!


We went to “Chiso Wabisuke” in Shukugawa for soba lunch.  I had a set of vegetable tempura and seiro soba (cold soba that you dip in sauce).  The dipping sauce was a little too salty for me but soba was very good and the vegetable tempura was excellent.  Tempura included bamboo shoot and some other spring vegetables.







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