Yakisoba & Okonomiyaki



I arrived safely in Japan on Monday afternoon.  When I was living in Hong Kong I used to come back to Japan 3 times a year – in April or May, in October and in February.  However, Singapore is much further away and I hate flying longer hours than 3 or 4, so I now come back just twice a year – in April or May and October – normally.  So, it’s been a while since I came back in winter, I think.  I don’t find outside so bad as I haven’t been walking that much outside and I did bring a warm coat, but inside the apartment feels so cold to me.  We have something called a ‘kotatsu’, which is a table with short legs with a heater inside and covered with something like a duvet.  It’s lovely and warm under the duvet but once you get in you don’t want to get out so I tend to stay put there with the the lower half of my body nice and warm and watch TV and fall asleep!


Today, I went out for lunch with my sister and brother and had Yakisoba (fried noodles) and Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake).  My sister and brother also had negiyaki (green onion pancake) with oyster, which is in season.




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