Cheese Cake “Delucius”


One of the delicious things I’ve eaten so far is this cheese cake called “Delicius” (Italian).  It’s made of Brie de Meaux so quite different from usual cheese cake.  I was searching where you can buy this cake and found out there is a shop in Singapore!  Wow!  I had no idea…  The main shop is in Mino in Osaka and they also have a couple of outlets in and near JR Osaka.










To be honest, I don’t like New York style cheese cake because I don’t like cream cheese so much, but I do like this one very much.  It’s covered with apricot jam, which is sweet, but the rest of the cake isn’t very sweet. I sometimes have cheese with jam, honey and dried fruits and this is more like eating cheese with apricot jam than cheese cake, I think….



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