Pancake Cannelloni


今日、夫が作ってくれたのは、Delia Smith のパンケーキカネロニ、でした。結構手間暇かかるお料理なので(クレープを作って、ミートソースを作って、ホワイトソースを作ってと結構大変)いつもは土曜日に作ってくれるのですが、昨日は外食でしたし今日はお料理モードだったようです。


Midnight last night (after midnight actually) I noticed that my feet and ankles were very badly swallen, really puffed up, and got panicky.  I searched about Economy Syndrome for a while, then in the end, I thought “Well, I suppose I’ll have to see what they are like tomorrow morning…” and they were back to normal this morning.  Phew….  If it is Economy Syndrome you are supposed to go to the doctor immediately, though…

The dinner my husband cooked tonight was Delia Smith’s Pancake Cannelloni.  He usually cooks it on a Saturday (and it’s one of his favourite recipes) but I guess he was in the mood to cook today as we went out for dinner last night.









As usual, it was delicious!






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