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I came back to Singapore in the evening yesterday through Hong Kong.  This was my first time to be back to Japan since my Mum passed away (except the last time, when I went back to attend her 49th day’s memorial).  I often felt as if my Mum was still watching TV in her room next to the living room, or felt sad that I couldn’t tell her what happened on my trip to Taiwan with my sister and brother….naturally I feel her absence more when I am in Japan.


Still, I did have a lot of great times meeting some friends I hadn’t seen for a few years, spending a few days in Kobe and taking an overnight trip to a hot spring with my husband, and going on a short trip to Taiwan with my sister and brother.  I will write about my time in Japan and Taiwan when I finish editing some of the photos.

今日は久しぶりの夫とシンガポールでの土曜日。わたしはさっそく朝美容院に行き(根元が気になるのでいつもは2週間おきに染めてもらっているのですが、一時帰国が3週間近かったので最後の1週間は気になって気になって)、ちょうどお昼頃に終わったので夫と土曜日のランチによく行くタングリンモールの近くの Nassim Hill Bakery でランチをしました。ここではわたしは大抵サンドイッチなのですが、たま〜に他のものをオーダーします。今日もふとサンドイッチではないものを食べたくなって、エビ入りアーリオオリオのエビ抜き(笑)をいただいてみました。すご〜くニンニクが効いていて結構辛くて、結構美味しかったです。ただ、ちょっと塩辛すぎたので次回はお塩を少し減らしてもらうようお願いしてみようと思います。ポーションは大と小あって今回は小をいただきましたが、軽いので次回は大をいただきます。

It’s nice to be back home and spend a weekend with my husband.  This morning I was desperate to go and have my hair done.  I usually have my hair dyed every couple of weeks so I’ve been worrying about my hair for the last few days, it feels so good when it’s done!  Then I had a light lunch with my husband in Nassim Hill Bakery.  Most of the time I order some sandwich here but I do very occasionally order something else.  Today I tried their Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Prawns (but without the prawns for me!).  It was a little too salty for me but apart from that it was quite nice – very garlicky and spicy.  I had the smaller sized portion but I would order the larger one next time as it’s quite light.



My husband had Spicy Eggs Benedict that he often orders.



We have a restaurant booked for dinner tonight so my husband doesn’t have to cook – so we’ve been relaxing this afternoon after lunch.

Nassim Hill Bakery
56 Tanglin Rd
#01-03 Tanglin Post Office
Singapore 247964

Tel: 6835 1128

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