Taiwan Day 1 / Chinese Tea at Tea House


After enjoying the sweets, we went to a tea house to enjoy some Chinese tea.  When my sister asked me if I had any places I wanted to visit when we were making our plans my reply was that I wanted to go to a tea house if we have time.


I think it was within a few years after we moved to Hong Kong that I went to Taiwan with a friend to visit tea houses and tea shops in Taipei.  I think we stayed for 2 or 3 nights.  We visited many tea houses and tea shops each day, drank lots of tea and bought lots of tea leaves.  There are only a few places I remember well but one of them was this Wisteria Tea House.


One thing that can be a problem when you visit a tea house is that you have to order at least 1 tea per person.  Good quality tea can taste good even after a few potful of hot water but we were quite full so we couldn’t finish each of the teas that we ordered.  We had 3 cups (Chinese tea cups are so very small) of each tea, and that was all we could manage.  The best thing is to visit such a tea house when you have plenty of time and enough room in your stomach so you can enjoy lots and lots of cups of tea with some nibbles.






The decor is very retro and lovely in this room.  However, this room was full when we got there and we were taken to one of the tatami rooms, where you sit on the floor. To be honest, I didn’t find the room very nice – it was old in a not-so-nice way, at least to me.  So I asked the staff to move when a table was available in this room.












It’s been many years (about 8?) since I learned how to make Chinese tea and it wasn’t the Taiwanese way, so one of the staff demonstrated for us once, then I continued after that.  The demonstrator didn’t wash the tea but when I was taught to wash it (basically you throw away the first cup of tea) so I did it that way.


Before we left, I bought a few things.  Some tea leaves and also a tea pot (that you boil water in) and a heater for the tea pot.  When I was there 15 or 16 years ago I liked the pot but wasn’t able to purchase it.  Sometime this week, a friend of mine who is a master of Chinese tea will be making tea for me and some other friends, so I’m looking forward to using the tea pot and the tea I bought.



紫藤廬(Wisteria Tea House)

Tel:(02)2363 9459







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