Taiwan Day 1 / Dinner (Steamboat)


For the dinner on our first day in Taipei, we went to have a Steamboat at a restaurant called “Weilu” that a good friend of mine loves.  Although we had made a booking, they didn’t have a table for us when we got there.  A male staff promised us that the next table emptied would be ours but a female staff gave it to another group….  so we had to wait longer.  It wasn’t too long a wait, though, maybe about 15 minutes.




Like in Hong Kong and Singapore, you make your own sauce, mixing lots of ingredients.  I’ve made it once somewhere but find it more tasty when one of the staff makes it for me, so I asked one of them to show us how to make one as an example and he kindly did so for us.



I wasn’t sure , as the menu was in Chinese only, but it looked like the base (the stock) comes with some soured Chinese cabbage, oyster, dried shrimp etc.  I asked them if it was possible to give us soup stock without fish or seafood and they gave us one.  We ordered additional sour cabbage as well as some slices of beef, mince beef balls, tofu etc.







We enjoyed it very much.  We booked a table at 8.00pm but we were slightly late because our taxi driver couldn’t find the place easily, and we were driven around the area round and round, I guess we were late by 10 minutes, then we waited for about 15 minutes so by the time we sat down it was probably around 8.30pm.  Their last order was 9.00 or 9.30pm so it felt a little rushed.  Male staff were quite nice but one of the female staff was a little scary – but I’m quite used to the brisk way some Chinese staff are in Hong Kong and Singapore so it didn’t bother me too much.  You cannot expect the same sort of service that you get in Japan, and as long as you know that it’s OK.

I don’t remember how much it was but do remember we thought it was very inexpensive.


圍爐 (Weilu)
Tel: (02)2752 9439 (02)2752 2141







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