Taiwan Day 2 / Taiwanese Breakfast


2nd day in Taiwan.  I don’t have breakfast normally but this trip was short so we wanted to try as many different foods as we could, so I went along with my sister and brother to have some breakfast.  We met at the lobby at 8.00am.

妹が行きたいとピックアップしていたホテルから近い「世界豆漿大王」というお店まで歩いたのですが、閉まっていました(涙)。4連休だったので普段休まないお店もクローズしていたようなのです。がっかり。もう1箇所やはり妹がピックアップしていたフレンチトーストサンドのお店「Mr Lin’s」までタクシーで行くことに。ところが、こちらもクローズしていました(涙)。フェイスブックにオープンしていると書かれていたのに。。。

My sister had picked 2 possible breakfast places.  We first tried a place near our hotel – about 5 minutes walk – where we would have had a typical Taiwanese breakfast but it was closed.  It’s not supposed to close all year but as I wrote before it was their 4 day weekend holiday so I guess it was an exception.  We decided to take a taxi to another place called “Mr Lin’s”, where is supposed to make good French Toast Sandwich.  Sadly, again, it was closed!


Fortunately, the taxi driver was a nice and friendly person so I asked him if he knew anywhere good for a Taiwanese breakfast.  He didn’t speak much English so we communicated with hands and writing and he kindly took us to a place, where he said is good for Taiwanese breakfast and he sees lots of Japanese people.  I searched afterwards and found a lot of information on the internet so it must be very popular.  Thanks to the driver that we were able to have a good breakfast!


There was a longish queue and we started queueing but one of the local customers told us that it was a take out queue.  The queue for eating in wasn’t very long.  My sister had a list of things she wanted to try in this sort of place so she ordered for us by showing the written list pointing which one we wanted.  I think it’s a good idea because they don’t speak much English and everything is in Chinese.







When you make an order they give you a number and you wait at a table with it, and they will bring it to you when it’s made.  My sister ordered a bowl of soy milk soup with some deep-fried dough, a sandwich with omelet, and some sort of rolled up rice flour pancake type of thing with omelet inside. I wasn’t very keen on the soy milk soup but enjoyed the rest.  We also ordered some xiaolongbao, which were very nice – we thought it was nicer than Din Tai Fung’s as the skin was thinner and more delicate and there was much more juice inside.  By the way, those photos show what 3 of us shared, not just what I had.  My husband thought I ate all of them!  Although we ate a lot of different things on this trip, we didn’t actually eat a lot of quantity.  Everything I’m uploading is shared by 3 of us.
















I would say that these local foods are more for the fun of trying something different than for the taste.  They tasted good but not something outrageously delicious, it’s just a lot of fun to try what you don’t usually eat but that local people do with your friends or families.


When I sent the photos of the places we were eating to my husband, he was very surprised and told me that he had always avoided these sort of local places – he’s been going to Taiwan countless times for the last 30 years.


It’s true that I wouldn’t normally go to these places in Singapore, mainly because it’s too hot (as these local places don’t have aircon) but also because, like my husband, I’d rather eat in a nice place taking time enjoying being there as well.  However, I find it fun to try them with my siblings.  I might have been more afraid of trying them – or more intimidated to try them – if I hadn’t lived in Hong Kong and Singapore but I guess at least I’m used to seeing them and don’t feel too intimidated.  Having said that, my sister and brother didn’t seem to be too intimidated either, they said it was fun.





台北市金華街 30 号之1





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