Tapioca Milk Tea


It’s been quite a few years since Taiwanese Tapioca Milk Tea became very popular everywhere, but as I don’t like milk I never actually tried it.  Sometime ago a friend of mine who loves this told me that you can choose just tea so I was thinking of trying it but never had a chance.


One of the things my sister wanted to try was this Tapioaca Milk Tea, so we tried it after our breakfast on the 2nd day.  I think we bought the most popular milk tea with tapioca as well as orange and lemon juice??  Not completely sure but I think it was that.  I didn’t buy any but I tried just a little to be able to try it and I also loved the tapioca so we had it again at the airport when we flew back to Japan.


Apparently you can order the amount of sugar – 30%, 50%, 70?? and 100%.  At the airport I ordered Honey Green Tea so I guess there was already some honey in it and 50% was just nice.  My brother and sister thought milk tea with 50% sugar wasn’t as sweet as they thought and it needed more.


I read they cook tapioca with dark sugar, it did taste like dark sugar.  I enjoyed the special springy texture of tapioca.



This friend who loves these told me that she tried it in Japan because there are some places you can get tapioca tea but the tapioca was very different and wasn’t half as springy as what she had in Singapore.

As you can get them in Singapore as well, I’m planning to try one soon.

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