Farewell Lunch at Mustard (Indian)



Two of my friends (who are friends to each other) are leaving Singapore for good to go back to Japan in a couple of weeks almost at the same time.  Friends leave all the time when you live as expats, that’s life, I know, but it’s still not that easy to handle.  Three of us had a farewell lunch today at “Mustard” that they both like.



We ordered grilled cauliflower, aubergine curry, Okra curry, chicken curry (Punjabi style) and prawn curry.  We also had white rice and handkerchief bread.  I love naan but it fills me up quickly so handkerchief bread was a good choice.















We didn’t see any Japanese customers today but they seem to be having more and more Japanese customers, I’m guessing that’s why the staff seem to speak more and more Japanese every time we go there.


Indian food is good in Kobe in Japan, too, but I think it’s probably one of the things that are better in Singapore than in Japan.



We started lunch around 1.00pm and after lunch we moved to our place so another friend can join us and enjoy Chinese tea together.  Around 2.00pm heavy rain started.  It eased off once but around the time when we wanted to leave it started to get heavy again but fortunately we were able to get a cab by booking on the phone.  I’ll write about the gathering for Chinese tea later.



32 Race Course Rd
Singapore 218552

Tel: 6297 8422

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