Lunch at Candlenut

今日は、久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達とランチをご一緒しました。お料理教室にご一緒する予定だったのですが人数が集まらずキャンセル、というお知らせが昨日きたので、急遽ランチに変更。どこにしようかということで相談し、ずっと気になっていた Candlenut をご提案しました。比較的最近になってデンプシーに新しく出来た COMO に移転したようです。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a little while.  We were going to take a cooking class today but it was cancelled due to there not being enough people.  As we had been keeping today free for that we decided to have lunch instead.  My friend asked me if there is anywhere I wanted to go so I suggested Candlenut in COMO in Dempsey, which serves Paranakan food and has been awarded a Michelin star.


I had Peranakan food once about 30 years ago in Penang and remember enjoying it but when I tried it more recently in a restaurant in Singapore I didn’t like it.  Since then, I hadn’t tried again.  Penarakan food and this Candlenut restaurant has come up in conversation with some friends a few times recently so I wanted to give it a go.


The interior is bright, tropical and trendy looking but it’s a part of a huge floor so it didn’t feel very comfortable somehow…




First you get complimentary prawn crackers.


四角豆のサラダ、キャンドルナッツスペシャルのチキンのBuah Keluak、和牛ビーフレンダンをシェアー。四角豆のサラダはタイ料理にもありますので興味深くオーダーして見ましたが、タイ料理バージョンの方が好みでした。(小魚を揚げたものがたくさんのっていたので、それは食べませんでした。)ビーフレンダンは普通にいただけましたが、チキンのBuah Keluakはニョニャ料理の典型的なお料理なのだと思うのですが、なんとも言えない独特の癖があり、2人共食べられませんでした。キャンドルナッツそのものの癖なのか、他の調味料の癖なのかはわかりませんが。。。チキンもとっても固くて。。。

We ordered Wing Beans Salad, Chicken Buah Keluak and Wagyu Beef Rendang to share.  I like Thai Wing Beans salad so I wanted to see what this one was like.  It was OK, but I much prefer the Thai version.  Beef Rendang was OK, too.  However, neither of us was able to eat Chicken Buah Keluak.  It had some sort of strange and unpleasant smell – maybe that’s what people like about it – but we certainly didn’t.


I know another friend of mine who’d been here recently liked it.  However, the friend I had lunch with today told me she can eat most things but couldn’t eat this one, so it’s not just me.  Maybe it’s one of those things that some people love and some people dislike.





The restaurant has one Michelin star and is very famous in Singapore, so I’m happy that I tired it once but I doubt very much I would visit again.  I guess I don’t like Peranakan food very much…  however I’m due to go to another Peranakan restaurant this coming Friday, so hope I’ll do better.

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