Thai Lunch at Patara (Tanglin Mall)

このところタイ料理が続いています。先週の夜に「Tamarind Hill」に行ったメンバープラス2人の6人で、今日はタングリンモールの「Patara」に行きました。うちからも近いのと予約をしなくてもいつも入れるので比較的よく利用しているレストランですが、ご一緒した方達はみなさん初めてだったそうです。

This is the 3rd Thai meal out in the last 1 week, but I had lunch at “Patara” in Tanglin Mall with the same people I went to Tamarind Hill with, plus 2 more friends. As it’s close to home I go to this restaurant quite often, but it was the first time for the others.


I usually go there with just one friend or with my husband, so we cannot order many dishes with just two people, but we had a lot of dishes today as we were 6 of us.  I requested olive rice, which I just love, but discussed about what else to order with the friend who lived in Bangkok for many years.


Here is my favourite olive rice.  I always take the choopped chillis off before mixing it all because the chllis are super spicy.



Stir-fried morning glory with garlic – another dish I almost always order.



This was my first time to try this one – curry with pork neck and bitter melon.  It had an unusual flavour that I didn’t like so much and I thought I could taste some fish (but not too sure).



Chicken & coconut soup.



Beef salad in Isan style.  I would have liked it with more herb and more chilli flakes and also a bit more seasoning.



Chicken red curry, I think?



Mince chicken salad.  I liked this one as it was quite punchy with herbs and chilli pepper.



I really love their olive rice and morning glory.  Mince chicken salad was also very good.   I didn’t like the flavour of the pork neck and bitter melon curry, but that is just personal preference.  Others were good.


A couple of years ago I would have said I liked Tamarind Hill better, but having had dinner and lunch in the last one week I like this place better now.  Patara seems to be quite consistent, which is a rare and good thing here.


I met these friends in the last few months, they are all new friends.  I’m grateful that I suddenly have many new friends because so many of my earlier friends have left in the last few years.


We ordered 2 white rice and also Lemon Grass Tea after the meal and it was about S$60 (we had 10% discount with DBS card so it was $56).  It’s on the expensive side as they don’t have a special lunch time menu.


I thought I was just nicely full when I stopped eating but by the time I left the restaurant (after tea) I started to feel too full and am still feeling so.  I can easily stop drinking alcohol before I drink too much and feel unwell next day but stopping eating at the right time is harder!

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