Home Cooking in Japan


When I go back to Japan, I used to stay with my Mum and brother.  Now, without Mum, my sister and her husband have moved in so now I stay with my sister, her husband, and my brother.


On the day I arrived, we had pizza delivered.  The following day, I made Chilli Con Carne.  My sister cooked the rest of the time when we didn’t go out.  It’s quite interesting, because although we are sisters, what she cooks is quite different from what I cook.


This day, it was Tonkatsu (breaded and deep-fried pork), Miso soup with tofu, vegetables and pork and Japanese salad of dried daikon & carrot.



On another day we had left-over stewed vegetables, pumpkin & cucumber salad and Stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce.  I’ve never made stuffed cabbage but it’s quite popular amongst Japanese.  It was very warming and delicious.







I did help making gyoza.



A friend of mine gave me a large bagful of dried soy beans from Hokkaido, so my sister cooked them with spinach and bacon, which was delicious.




I think she cooked some more things but these are the only photos I have of the meals I had at her place.  We did also go out for Korean BBQ and Yakitori.






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