Homemade Pizza

先週の日曜日に Jamie’s Italian でピッツァを食べた時、「うちで焼いたほうがおいしね」ということになり、夫が「君が焼いてくれたのの方がずっと美味しいのに、なかなか焼いてくれない」というので、今日はピッツァになりました(笑)。そうかな、度々焼いてるけど、と思いましたが、調べてみたら前回焼いたのは2月の初めでした。あっという間の2ヶ月ちょっと。

When we had pizza at Jamie’s Italian last Sunday, my husband and I couldn’t help saying how we like our own much better.  My husband complained that I don’t make it enough – I thought I did but when I checked the last time I made pizza was more than 2 months ago.  So, I made it today.

ピッツァの生地はお料理教室をされているお友達に教えていただいたレシピで、前日の夜仕込んで冷蔵庫でゆっくり発酵させています。なので、当日は冷蔵庫から出して丸めて、トッピングを準備するだけ。うちの冷蔵庫は温度が低いようなので、焼き始める2時間くらい前に出したほうが生地を伸ばしやすいので、そうしています。( FUKAI 石窯ピザ&ロースターで焼いています。)

I use the recipe my friend gave me for the dough – it’s the one you make on the day before and keep it in the fridge so it rises slowly.  So on the day all I do is to take it out, cut it into portions and form a ball and prepare the toppings.  Our fridge seems very cold and it takes a while for the dough to get to the room temperature so I tend to take it out 2 hours before I want to cook it.  ( I use this portable Japanese pizza oven.)


I like simple pizza best so I use tomato sauce (all I do is to cook a tin of tomato until it’s thick enough), plus some fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, but my husband find this a little boring so I add some chorizo.  I also make some of it with cheese (blue cheese or washed rind cheese or both) and honey (and usually walnuts or pecan nuts but I didn’t have either today).  Today I divided the dough in 3 and used 1 for cheese and honey.


The 1st 2 pizza looked like this.  I added fresh basil after taking this photo.



Blue cheese and honey pizza.  Shame there were no nuts.



They were yummy!!

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