Taxi and Sandwich


I went to a hair dresser this afternoon.  When I came out, the sky looked very dark and the wind started to get strong, then while I was trying to find a taxi it started to rain a little.  I looked around and found a taxi stand with a roof.  I waited for a little while but no taxi came so I booked one on the phone and waited.  The taxi driver I booked phoned me and said “I’ll have to pay 2 dollars to come to you because I’m not in the city, please don’t cancel.”  I said, “Cancel?  No I wouldn’t.  I’m waiting.”

When he came and I got on, he said, “You are Japanese, right?” so I said “Yes”, and he said “Japanese men are the best, they never cancel when they book a taxi, but, please don’t get angry with me, Japanese women are the worst, they cancel all the time after booking and they often do no-show.  I’m scared of taking a booking of a Japanese name now.”  He told me how terrible we are in length.

Oh dear, how embarrassing!

It’s against moral to cancel a booking when you know the taxi is driving to you unless there is a good reason let alone no-show! It’s understandable that people sees a few bad behaviours and judge Japanese are all that way.  When we are outside Japan we should all know that and think we are representative of a Japan and behave properly.


今日は夫は仕事で夕食に帰って来れなかったので、久しぶりに Park Bench Deli のサンドイッチを食べたのですが、食べたいと思っていたフライドチキンのサンドイッチが品切れで、ブロッコリーのファラフェルサンドに変更。フライドチキンのサンドの口になっていたので、と〜っても残念、ファラフェルサンドも悪くはなかったのですが、買って来てもらったので作ってから15分くらい経っていたせいか、パンの周りが噛みきれない硬さになっていたのが残念だったのと、少し塩辛かったです、やっぱり、フライドチキンのサイドが美味しい。フライドチキンのサンドは少し時間が経っても硬くなったりはしませんでした。

Anyway, my husband wasn’t able to come home for dinner. I wanted to have a fried chicken sandwich from Park Bench Deli but sadly they had run out of it so I tried their Broccoli Falafel sandwich.  It was OK but I really wanted a fried chicken sandwich..  I had it bought and brought over so it was about 15 minutes after it was made when I was able to eat it and I guess that’s why but the bread along the edges had gone really chewy and I thought it was a little too salty for me.  The Fried chicken sandwich I had last time hadn’t gone hard or chewy even 15 or 20 minutes after it was made.  Hope I can have it next time…


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