Homemade Pasta


We made fresh pasta again as my husband wanted to.  This time we made tegliatelle using 150g 00 flour, 50g semolina flour and 2 eggs.




ソースは Jamie Oliver Mushroom & Lentil Pappardelle Bologneseを夫が作ってくれました。パスタは上手く作れたのですが茹ですぎてしまったのと、ソースとの相性があまり良くなかったような気がします。ソースはどちらかというとレンティルスープのようで、パスタソースに使うにはあっさりし過ぎているように思いました。最近スーパーフードが流行っていてこのレシピもヘルシーということなのだと思いますが、もう少しコクを出す工夫が必要だと思います。

My husband made Jamie Oliver’s  Mushroom & Lentil Pappardelle Bolognese.

We made pasta without any problem but we ended up overcooking pasta, which can easily happen with fresh pasta. Also, maybe the combination of the pasta and the sauce wasn’t right but we felt the sauce wasn’t strongly flavoured enough to be used as pasta sauce.  It was more like lentil soup than pasta sauce.  (In fact, I froze the left-over sauce as “lentil soup” because I have no intention of using it as a pasta sauce but should be nice as soup.)  I guess this recipe is healthy but we didn’t think it had enough depth, it should be thicker as well as a pasta sauce.



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