We are back!


We arrived back to Singapore this morning from London.  I think this was the first time I didn’t post any on my blog for such a long time other than the time when my Mum was very ill.  At first I didn’t have time to write with jet-lag but then I got more and more lazy.  I also didn’t know what to post after a week or longer.  My wrist has been painful, which didn’t help.  Anyway, I will write about our holiday starting from the beginning from tomorrow.


Although we had some rain, we also had very sunny days, sometimes too sunny and hot.  we had a wonderful time driving in beautiful scenery, meeting our good friends to catch up, visiting some whisky distilleries in Scotland, renting a house in Scotland etc.  Many of my friends don’t know anything about Scotland so hopefully I can introduce the place with my photos to them.


I guess I’ve been eating and drinking too much on holidays, my Jeans got tighter from the middle of the holidays and I’m a lot heavier than before we left…. so sad!  I guess I ate too much chips and drunk too much wine.  I’m going to have to watch what I eat for a while to get rid of what I gained.


So, tonight’s dinner was a salad – my favourite chicken, avocado, mango salad with lots of mint and coriander leaves.  After taking the photos I realised I’d forgotten toasted sliced almonds and added them.






I slept OK on the plane but I’ve been feeling sleepy for the last few hours….  I’ll be fighting with jet-lag for the next few days.






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